What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag as a New Parent

Preparing for your baby’s arrival in advance can help you seize control of the situation and ease stress. One step you can take to prepare for your little one’s arrival is to pack your hospital bag. Doing this in advance ensures you don’t miss anything. You don’t have to spend large amounts of money to ensure you and your baby are comfortable. This guide explains how to include everything you need without breaking the bank.

When you’re preparing to welcome a child into the world, you may be nervous. Don’t fret! This is perfectly normal and a little bit of anxiety is actually healthy! According to Forbes, your brain is triggering those nerves to remind you that you will soon have a fragile newborn to take care of, ensuring that you are alert and ready for the task.

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You will be in the hospital for at least a couple of nights, so pack toiletries to tide you over. You will need your toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Dry shampoo is great for keeping your hair fresh if you’re too tired to wash it after giving birth. Glamour has a list of top products. You can get all these items affordably by opting for travel-size packages. If you have old hotel toiletries stashed away from past trips, this is also the perfect time to use them.

Comfy clothes

Giving birth is stressful. You want comfortable clothes for your recovery afterward. Selections made for your hospital bag can include naturally conforming underwear, nursing pajamas, delivery gowns, and nursing bras. These pieces are cozy yet stylish, so you can even wear them for photos with your newborn. You want to capture these early moments with your child, so consider splurging on pretty maternity gear.

Cell phone charger or power bank

If you use your mobile phone to take pictures of your newborn, you’re sure to run down the battery quickly. Make sure to pack a charger in your hospital bag. Get one with an extra-long cord since you can’t be sure where the plugs in your hospital room will be located. You can also invest in a portable power bank to make sure you never run out of battery. PC Mag has a list of products to suit different price points, so you can find an affordable option.

Bottles and formula

If you plan to bottle feed your baby, pack the necessary supplies to bring to the hospital. Include bottles and a pediatrician-approved formula. Learning how to properly prepare the formula in advance is also useful and spares you the trouble of figuring it out later. The World Health organization (WHO) has a guide for preparing powdered infant formula safely. If you plan to breastfeed, you may want to sign up for a breastfeeding course in advance.

Car seat

While it’s not exactly small enough to fit into your hospital bag, a car seat is essential to get before your delivery. This ensures you can safely bring your child home when the time comes. Learn how to install and use the car seat now, when you don’t have a crying baby in your arms. Small details, like how to position the newborn’s head in the seat, make a difference in terms of comfort and safety.

Packing your hospital bag in advance will spare you stress and ensure your baby’s comfort. Follow the above guidelines to make sure you have everything you need without having to spend a great deal of money.

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