Does your new family need postpartum doula support?

I provide expert home visits and in-person support in Citrus County, Ocala, Villages and Brooksville areas in Florida. I offer virtual support through Skype and phone calls all over the USA for private consultations with all services provided under family support.

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Looking for a postpartum doula?

As a new mother you may feel unprepared and vulnerable during the early weeks and months after the birth of your baby or babies. Facing these challenges without professional support can feel overwhelming or even frightening. My passion is nurturing babies, mothers and all family members… I may be just the answer to any fears and challenges facing you or perhaps just an extra set of hands for additional support. I have been doing it professionally since 2002.

My role as your postpartum doula is to teach and support you as we navigate through this special time and help create a more peaceful, elegant beginning as you transition into parenthood.


How can I help you? My services and expertise include:


  • Care and support to heal after childbirth
  • Non-judgmental emotional support
  • Coping skills and tips for parents and other family members
  • Helping exhausted parents get more sleep
  • Household organization and meal preparation if needed


  • Hands on care and education about behavior and development
  • Feeding support & guidance for breastfeeding, pumping or formula-feeding
  • Developing gentle healthy sleep habits for baby
  • Calming & soothing techniques for the fussy or difficult-to-console baby
  • Evidence-based information and resources

Daytime and overnight postpartum doula care available.  COST: $30.00 per hour (day or overnight).

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Looking for sleep help for your infant or young child? Have your baby’s sleep habits gotten worse instead of better? Are you exhausted and at a loss of what to do to help your baby learn to sleep ALL NIGHT?

In 2010 I developed an approach that combines my experience, professional knowledge and proven techniques after working as a postpartum doula with hundreds of babies during the night. I created and successfully implemented the Lullaby Sleep Program to pilot parents through countless sleep issues, ensuring their success. Many babies seem to move into good sleep habits on their own, but for those who don’t, an expert coach can be priceless.

Every baby is unique, and every family is unique. I know, as you do, that “one size does not fit all”, so my coaching takes into consideration baby’s age, family’s distinctive needs and parenting philosophies to achieve maximum success.

Andy and I wanted to say thank you for helping us get out 13-month-old, Alexander, to sleep through the night. When we started, we felt hopeless and like we'd never get there. Our entire lives revolved around trying to get the baby to sleep and keep him to sleep, and he mostly could only sleep a few hours at a time. Marcia outlined a clear and easy to follow plan that was custom to his needs, helped us identify issues that were causing him to wake up, and coached us through the whole process. A month later he is sleeping through the night and the whole family is so much happier and more rested. We highly recommend and feel our sleep was well worth the cost.

- Ashley and Andrew Marshall

Our 7-month-old was a horrible sleeper, waking up 5-8 times a night. My husband and I were exhausted after months of not sleeping. I didn't want to read another book and I was not a fan of CIO, so I was desperate for a quick, personalized solution. That's when I found Marcia. She took the time to learn about our baby and family and developed a sleep plan customized specifically for our situation. It was amazing! Within 2 weeks we went from waking up constantly to having the baby sleeping over 10 hours. And it kept getting better with tips she would offer on our follow up calls. I now recommend her to everyone I know. It feels great to have our family well rested!

- Robin

Marcia has a very unique way of easing you into motherhood and I cannot imagine where I would be without her guidance and help. She has been like a mother to me throughout this new and exciting process. I never could have imagined learning as much as I did. She taught me techniques and strategies to help me with my daughter. I know in my heart that it is because of Marcia’s help that I am able to be the best mother I can be!

- Rachel

Marcia’s most valuable aspect in regards to support was her attention and responsiveness to a new mother’s level of stress and anxiety, her reassuring manner and ability to educate and guide gently without injuring mothers fragile confidence.

- Barbara

Choose the sleep coaching package right for your family:

Jump-Start Consultation


Want to jump-start your very young baby’s good sleep habits?

If you’d like to get your wee one off to a good start on sleeping longer stretches through the night, there are things you can do even before that magical age of 4½ months! Book a coaching/consulting session to establish early sleep habits and learn what you can do now to prevent the need for sleep training down the road. Babies who get this good start can ease right into sleeping through the night without much fuss and to-do about it!

Your Jump-Start Sleep Consult includes:

  • Two-hour telephone or Zoom consultation of baby sleep education
  • How-to instructions that are emailed to you.
  • Two follow-up emails to answer any questions after the consultation.
  • **only for babies between 8 and 18 weeks of age

Contact me today for details or sign up below to book these two visits.

Gold Sleep Plan Coaching Plan


Is your baby 4 ½ months and older? They are now ready to learn to sleep all night - every night (10 to 12 hours!). 

  • 1 Comprehensive sleep assessment of your baby or toddler.
  • 2 Customized written plan with step-by-step instruction.
  • 3 In-depth Zoom or phone consultation to strategize and understand the implementation of the sleep plan (max. 2 hrs.)
  • 4 Four weeks of support and guidance by Zoom, phone or email during the process, limited to 8 calls or emails.
  • 5 Coaching covers only nighttime sleep. Naps are not included.

Do It Yourself Plan

$100.00 / hour

Need sleep help but just need a bit of guidance?

My Do It Yourself Sleep Plan is perfect if you just want to discuss sleep strategy options, ask questions and learn techniques of what to do to help your baby or toddler develop good sleep habits.

*This plan does NOT include a written plan with step by step instructions or follow up support.

**One hour minimum coaching time.

Frequently Asked Questions

For postpartum doula services where I come to your home, I work in Citrus County Florida. I also go to The Villages.  All sleep consults are done long distance virtually by Zoom or phone.