Marcia Thuermer, Postpartum Doula Trainer

I am Marcia Thuermer, PCD/PDT (DONA), DONA-certified postpartum doula and DONA- approved trainer, Lactation Consultant and Infant/child sleep coach. I am owner/director of “The Doula Training Path” formerly known as “Baby Blue and Pink”.

My path to doula care

I started on my path to this so fulfilling destination in 2002, and many events and decisions have led me to this place. Sometimes things happen in your life that change your perception about your world. In 2002 my sister was dying of breast cancer and my elderly father's health was failing. I was closely involved and deeply moved emotionally with everything do to with the care and needs of these two important people in my life, and I had not a minute to spare in my own life.

After the deaths of these two-precious people, my now so empty hours needed to be filled with meaningful new work. My life seemed bereft and I needed to do something that was nurturing and fulfilling for myself and others, something that would bring joy into a home and make a difference.

One day a friend told me about postpartum doulas. I recalled how very difficult it was when my own son was born, and I had so little support because family members lived far away. I realized that this stop along the way on my path might be leading me to a fulfilling new life. I found DONA International and attended a postpartum doula workshop.

After the training I realized that yes, nurturing and supporting mothers, babies and other family members was my calling. What a perfect and joyful decision that was.

Marcia Thuermer Postpartum Doula Trainer

My career as a professional postpartum doula...

So, in 2002 I became the founder and owner of Triangle Mothercare, Inc., a postpartum doula agency in Raleigh/Durham, NC. The agency grew and became well-known in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, and many new mothers were empowered through the well-trained certified doulas my agency provided. As the years passed, I grew and learned more and expanded my practice in many ways as I became ready and the need became visible.

I became a Le Leche leader to improve my breastfeeding knowledge, which led to a CLC (certified lactation counselor). Finally, I achieved my goal of becoming an IBCLC (International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant) in 2009. In 2010 I started Lullaby Sleep Coaching as the need grew in my area from my former doula clients who needed help with now-older baby sleep issues. I’ve accumulated thousands of hours working side by side with these families in all my areas of expertise.

In my career as a postpartum doula I have personally worked with hundreds of new families and over 1000 babies from 2002 to present day.

In December of 2012 I sold Triangle Mothercare, Inc. and relocated to Florida, leaving a legacy of passionate care for hundreds of new families in the care of new owners who are still carrying on the service of the doula agency I had started.

You see how versatile this path can be?  When I became a postpartum doula, it was difficult to limit myself to just that, there were so many needs that young families had, and I wanted to help them in every possible way and I was eager to fulfill those needs. That is why this career is so great: you can keep it simple and do very well just being a postpartum doula or you can add other specialties to your career if the desire is there and when you are ready. You don’t need a college degree or formal education you just need commitment, determination and belief in yourself.

After moving to Florida in 2013 I started a new doula path with my other business called “Baby Blue and Pink”, continuing my doula practice, doula training workshops, lactation and sleep coaching practice. Now with the birth of my new name in 2020, “The Doula Training Path”, I am reinventing myself once again, still going forward toward fulfillment with my passion for babies, mothers, families, and doulas.

Where I am on today's path as a DONA-approved Doula Trainer:

After building my own dream business as a postpartum doula, now I can help others achieve their dream of being a successful postpartum doula as a doula trainer. After moving to Florida my focus changed to include more postpartum training’s as there is a big need here and everywhere. The demand for postpartum doulas is growing and more widely known since I started on this path in 2002.

I am an active DONA-Approved doula trainer and teach all over the United States. I believe in equitable care and equity in education regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and cultural beliefs and practices. I teach 10 to 12 postpartum workshops per year and travel out of state for many of them. I also take clients that are just looking for postpartum doula support after the birth of their baby or parents who need help with baby sleep issues. I find staying current is important so I can provide reliable, evidence-based information to my parents and my students. I have a wealth of experience because I actively participated in all facets of my doula path and have transferred this knowledge into my postpartum doula trainings.

I’m dedicated to helping women be successful professionally in a full- or part-time career doing what they love. Now let's talk about your path! Create a career you love!